We offer a friendly working environment where training and development opportunities are available, with the chance of meeting new people and learning more about the issues affecting people we help. All volunteers are valued by the Care Society and is seen as an asset to an extremely busy organisation, whether you contribute 1 hour, 10 hours or more. Volunteers also help promote the Care Society and the valuable work carried out in the community.


We can offer a range of volunteering opportunities to match particular interests and skills as well as time available.Our volunteering activities are co-ordinated from our Aberystwyth and Cardigan offices and include:
Charity Shop Worker Volunteer
To support our charity shop staff to generate profits and long term support of the shop from donors and customers to generate funds for the Care Society and to promote its work.
Role Description – Volunteer shop assistant


How is the volunteering programme funded?
Through the WCVA Volunteering Wales programme and Welsh Government.
Are there age and education requirements?
There are no age and education requirements, but school age youngsters – alongside parents – also have an opportunity to take part and help in our fundraising and charity events.
How many hours per week are needed? And are the work times flexible or fixed?
We have no set hours as we can be flexible around the availability of the volunteer.
Who supervises volunteers?
A member of staff will be assigned to each volunteer to set tasks and support them on a day to day basis.
What type of orientations and on-going training do volunteers receive?
All volunteers are given copies of our Volunteer Handbook and receive an induction and briefing session from staff and from other volunteers. Training needs are assessed on an individual basis and can be delivered in-house or by external providers.
Will costs of travel and food be reimbursed?
We can reimburse travel in line with your policy and volunteers giving us over 4 hours of their time can claim food expenses. However all expenses are agreed with the Volunteer’s Supervisor in advance.


If you would like to find out more about our volunteering or have any further ideas of how you could contribute to our work as a volunteer, please contact us on:
Telephone: 01970 639111