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Landlords: we have constantly a large supply of people looking to rent properties, so we are always in demand. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. Read through our packages listed below to see how The Care Society Estates & Lettings can help you:

Introductory Package Only
We will arrange with the landlord to:

  • Market the property
  • Show applicants around
  • Take references
  • Draw up a tenancy agreement
  • Draw up an inventory
  • Conduct the check-in of tenant Once the tenancy starts, we have no further responsibilities under this type of agreement.
Full Management Package
Before you let your property we will:

  • Give advice on the level of rent you can expect
  • Visit the property and give you advice on any action you need to take before you let property.
  • This includes any repairs and refurbishment that are needed to put it into a fit state for letting.
  • Advise you on compliance with various health and safety regulations
  • Select a client through our screening and interview process that fits the criteria set by the landlord.
  • Accompany potential clients to view the property
  • Provide detailed written and photographic inventories and draw up tenancy agreements
  • Protect the deposit with our own Statutory Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Supervise the transferral of utilities and council tax into the tenant’s name

During the tenancy we will:

  • Collect the rent and pay you promptly with detailed statement from our bespoke property management software package.
  • Keep a separate clients account to hold all monies and we belong to a Client Money Protection Scheme.
  • Every property is monitored through regular inspections to ensure that high standards are constantly maintained.
  • Carry out necessary routine repairs using our Maintenance team to a monetary limit agreed. We will refer any expenditure above a previously agreed limit for approval. Anything above the limit we will refer to you to ensure the work is done efficiently, effectively and economically.
  • Keep in touch with the tenants on routine basis to build up a good working relationship.

Before the tenancy ends we will:

  • Serve the correct notice or ensure that the correct notice is served on us
  • Check the condition of the property against the inventory and discuss any repairs with you giving the deposit back or arranging for repairs.
  • Ensure return of deposit as laid out by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
  • Ensure the security of the property once the tenancy has been vacated.
Full Leasehold Package
We also lease properties on a longer term lease meaning the property and tenancy issues are dealt with by us for the term of the lease.

Contact us For further information on our lettings packages or to discuss your needs, please contact:

Aberystwyth office: 01970 639786

Cardigan office: 01239 621807