Support Schemes

Crisis Support

To avoid the potential loss of any tenancy and the resulting damaging impact on an individual’s health and welfare, we offer a targeted service in order to address the current increasing demand as a result of financial mismanagement and hardship. Due to the imposition of recent welfare reforms (particularly bedroom tax, housing benefit changes etc.), the service will offer specific financial advice and signposting where applicable.

What type of Crisis Support do you offer?
● Filling in application forms i.e. income support, housing benefit etc
● Managing debt
● Opening a bank account
● Accessing help and support
● Managing on a budget
● Maximising your income
● Reducing household bills
● Accessing affordable credit
What makes a person eligible for support?
We will provide Crisis Support to anyone who is over 16 years old and lives in Ceredigion.
How long does the support last for?
Under this scheme we can offer 3 crisis appointments at 2 hours each in the first instance. Then if the Crisis Support Worker feels you need long term support you will be passed on to our Support Team.
If I was successful in my referral and assessment process, what would happen next?
Unlike the Tenancy Support, there is no need for a referral or assessment process for Crisis Support. Simply e-mail or telephone the contact details noted below, and a Support Worker will arrange a date/time to meet with you in our offices in Aberystwyth or Cardigan. If however that’s inconvenient, we can also arrange to visit you at home.
How do I apply for support?
By walking into our offices in Aberystwyth or Cardigan or by contacting our Support Team on the details below:
Open: Monday to Thursday from 9.00am to 4.00pm and Friday 9.00am to 3.00pm
Telephone: 01239 623983