Temporary Accommodation Units

The Care Society manage Temporary Accommodation units throughout Ceredigion on behalf of Ceredigion County Council and have done since 2005. Service users are assured of a safe, secure and settled environment. People accessing the service are referred by the Local Authority. This would generally be after satisfying priority status or where priority status is under investigation. They may also be referred under a statutory power. Our Temporary Accommodation units are found in Aberystwyth and Cardigan.

Can a family or couple stay in Temporary Accommodation?
Yes, there are specific projects that can cater for families and/or couples.
What facilities are provided in Temporary Accommodation?
  • Individual room, bed and furniture
  • Washing facilities
  • Cooking facilities
  • Laundry facilities available for a small fee (although please note not all projects offer this facility)
  • The opportunity to engage in client centred activities
  • Regular house meetings
  • Trained staff available 24 hour a day
  • CCTV coverage to ensuring a safe and secure environment
Is there any cost in staying in Temporary Accommodation?
You will have to pay a weekly service charge to stay in our Temporary Accommodation – this covers the costs of rent and facilities used.
How do I access the scheme?
If you are homeless or potentially homeless, you are strongly advised to contact the Homelessness Department at the Local Authority. If you are a priority case (i.e. have a medical condition , lived with dependants etc) you may be housed more quickly. They will assess whether you are  eligible for assistance and then refer you to our Emergency Accommodation Projects. You can also make an appointment with our Temporary Accommodation Manager , who will be able to give you guidance and refer you to the Local Authority.
What type of questions will I be asked before being housed?
We will consider your other circumstances, including whether you:

  • Are legally classed as homeless
  • Are in priority need
  • Made yourself homeless intentionally
  • Have a local connection.
What other services can the Care Society offer service users?
  • Tenancy Support Workers to help you with Housing/Benefit related issues
  • Bond Scheme to secure future tenancies
  • Signposting to other agencies who deal with specialist needs such as drugs/alcohol services
Will I get any help to move on from temporary accommodation?
The Support Worker will contact you to arrange an appointment. They will spend time talking through any issues or problems you may have and will agree a ‘support plan’. The aim of this is to help you get back up on your feet again and live independently. In time you may not need our help anymore but there will always be an open door if you feel the need for support in the future.
Contact Details:
Temporary Accommodation Manager
26 Cambrian Street
SY23 1HX
Telephone no: 01970 623190