BOND Scheme

The Care Society Bond scheme originated in 1999 and operates throughout Ceredigion from offices in Aberystwyth and Cardigan. We offer help in finding safe, comfortable, clean and affordable accommodation in the private sector to people who are homeless or facing homelessness or living in unsuitable conditions.

Who funds the scheme?
The scheme is funded by the Welsh Assembly, Local Authority, The Probation Service and Social Services who each have their own particular bonds.
How does the Bond Scheme work?
Anybody needing help in order to move into accommodation can get in touch with the Bond scheme. We will interview them and offer advice and assistance on all tenancy matters including:

  • Affordability and suitability
  • Help with tenancy matters
  • Discussions with landlords
  • Providing a Bond Guarantee (non-cash Bond Certificate) for those who meet the criteria
  • Help with Homelessness presentation, the Housing Register and Local Housing Allowance Applications
  • Help in getting funding for rent advances
  • Checking correct benefits are being claimed
  • Referral to our Tenancy Support team or signposting to other agencies who can deal with specific matters
  • Ongoing support for both tenants and landlords to help ensure the success of the tenancy
  • Condition of properties.
Who can apply for a Bond?
Anyone who is homeless or might be facing homelessness.
What does a Bond Certificate cover?
A Bond Certificate covers damage to a property – other than normal wear and tear. It does not cover rent arrears. For all bond scheme tenancies, we make a record of the condition of the property and take an inventory at the start of the tenancy. The record and inventory would then be referred to in the event of a claim being made against the Bond. A Bond cannot be granted if a tenancy agreement has already been signed.
Would the Tenants have to pay anything back if the Bond Certificate was used?
Yes, if the terms and conditions of a Bond were broken the tenant would have to pay the costs incurred in fixing any damages and making good the property. This could be done through a payment plan with the tenant.
What we offer landlords:
  • A non-cash Bond Certificate
  • A written and photographic inventory
  • An assurance that a Local Housing Allowance Application is completed and submitted
  • Advice and assistance on matters that may affect you as a landlord
  • Ongoing support to both tenant and landlord and intervention as a mediator if requested
  • Based on our considerable landlord/tenant experience, we are also able to offer a professional Property Management Service and cost effective in-house Property Maintenance Service
If a Landlord was happy to take tenants on a Bond scheme, what should they do next?
Landlords would need to contact our Bond Team to provide details of the property or properties so that they could be assessed. The Bond Team would then try to find suitable tenants for the accommodation.
How can tenants get on the Bond scheme?
Tenants can be referred through our Bond Scheme Coordinators (see end of page for contact details) or contact the following departments in your Local Authority: Housing Department, Probation or Social Services.
Approximately how long could I have to wait for a Bond Certificate to be issued?
Bonds can usually be set up within 5 working days.
What other support services can the Care Society offer Tenants and Landlords?
Our Support Team and Bond Team can provide help – post tenancy, to resolve any issues which may arise that affect the landlord/tenant e.g. helping to maintain tenancy by resolving benefit issues, helping tenants with budgeting issues and so forth.
Contact details for our Bond Scheme Coordinators:
Cardigan office
Rachel Nicholas
Accommodations Coordinator
Telephone no. 01239 623987 / 621807

Aberystwyth office
Graham Davies
Property Services Officer
Telephone no. 01970 602108 / 630092