Social Lettings service

The Accommodation Officer works closely with the Local Authority and private landlords to increase and improve our private rented sector stock throughout Ceredigion and beyond.

We strive to offer genuine opportunities for affordable accommodation to a broad cross section of people, in particular those on low incomes or unemployed. The success of this scheme is measured by the number of new properties/rooms we are able to acquire and the use of these for our clients, particularly those with priority housing needs.

Through the use of bonds, clients can be helped into managing their own sustainable tenancies with support offered to assist them with any difficulties that may arise. Underlying this is the work we are doing to improve these (and future) living spaces.

We apply early preventative maintenance measures with the assistance of our maintenance team in order to raise the standards of all our properties across the portfolio.

For further information on our Accommodation Officer Scheme, please contact:

Telephone no. 01970 630092